Interactive Displays

Interactive Displays

Maxaim Media can create the perfect solution for your business. Our digital signage systems have independent monitor displays that have ability to be fully interactive with the consumer while delivering networked content for a truly impressive display.

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

At Maxaim Media, we use the most modern digital display equipment to maximize the visual impact of each advertisement your business has to offer.

Menu Boards

Menu Boards

Create a unique and easy to read display that can be brightly used in restaurants, bars and retail stores to keep customers informed of prices, sales and information.

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Targeting Your Market

The Future is Digital. Is Your Business Digitally Ready? With consumers going all digital it makes sense for business to interact and engage in the same way.

Looking for a Digital Signage Solution in Mississauga? Maxaim Media is your #1 Choice.

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Digital Advertising in Mississauga

Maxaim Media displays are a great way to communicate with your customers throughout the store. Whether you want to promote sales and specials in-store, provide advertising for other local businesses, or highlight events around your community, our talented graphic designers are ready to create compelling content to suit your needs.

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Content Management

Maxaim Media’s digital signage solutions will grab your customer’s attention while influencing their buying decision right at the point of purchase. This eliminates the high cost of creating and distributing print advertising campaigns. Our digital signage system can be managed remotely to off the ability to update promotions and information to suit your needs.

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Installation Services in Mississauga

Before and after installation, we're with you every step of the way with comprehensive service and support. Our team of experts are prepared to help with any bump in the road, from customer service and technical maintenance to just keeping the ads that run on your monitors looking great.

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Encourage the audience to take advantage of current promotions, or upcoming events and increase brand awareness.


Entertain your clients with live TV, product videos, image galleries, news, weather updates and more.


Give customers advice on products and services, inform them on what you have to offer.


Maxaim Media can create the perfect solution for interacting with customers and effectively create browsers to buyers.

Why Digital Signage?

In today’s economic environment, it is more critical than ever to focus on programs that enhance your customer loyalty base. The use of advanced technology is an easy, cost-effective way to connect with your customers and let them know they are special, and at the same time show that your business is up-to-date and forward thinking. Compared to any other media, it is only digital technology that can create a captivating and dynamic communication system for customers, employees, patients, students and patrons. The use of digital signage in Mississauga allows you to cast your message and connect to the right person, at the right place, at the right time. This proven technology is now available to small and large businesses and corporations. Whether your goal is to increase sales, increase your profit margin, entertain customers to reduce perceived wait times, cross-sell, build shopper loyalty, educate, or motivate, our tech-savvy Team can offer the perfect connection!

Grocery Store In-Store Promotions

Why bother with traditional signage that takes up space, not to mention the time and hassle of changing and re-printing, when you could showcase all of your current specials and sales in one place, on a slick digital display!

Community Events

Digital displays are also a great place to build a more personal relationship with your community by showcasing events happening in and around your city or town.

Digital Signage Key Factors

  • Keep customers informed about current sales and special offers
  • Provide dynamic advertising space for popular brands and styles
  • Cut down on cost-prohibitive printing for traditional signage
  • Unlimited color possibility
  • Change displays quickly and easily with our user-friendly design and scheduling tools
  • And so much much more...